Clock Appeal

Since December 2014/January 2015 many people walking around the town will have noticed that the town clock on St John’s has been working intermittently.  During April 2015 it finally stopped working.

An engineer was called out from Smith of Derby to try and get it working again.  Whilst the engineer was successful he did point out that there would be a large chance that it would stop working again.

During his visit he thoroughly checked the clock mechanism itself (which is working) and the transfer rods and gears that are located behind the clock faces.  It would appear that age has finally caught up with the gears and rods that are located behind the clock faces.  This particular part of the clock is exposed to the wind inside the bell chamber and prior to 7 years ago there were a multitude of birds using the interior of the bell chamber as a nesting ground!

To get these gears and rods repaired is going to cost £3000.  We are therefore now launching an appeal for donations towards reaching this goal to get the clock back in working order.

Our online donation form is available here.

To ensure your donation reaches the Clock Appeal, please tick “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund” on the form and then select “Barmouth Town Clock Appeal”.

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